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DC Auto performs a wide range of services on both domestic and foreign vehicles. From basic checkups & regular maintenance to major services such as Head Gasket Replacements & engine swaps.

  • Regular Scheduled Maintenence

    Your vehicle's' Factory Scheduled Mantenance is vital to your vehicles overall health. Every vehicle comes with suggested intervals for inspection and maintenance. These intervals are usually every 30,000 miles. We will help you stay on schedule with your vehicles recommended maintenance to keep it running for many years to come.

  • Check Engine Light and SMOG

    We provide free engine light checks.

  • Timing Belt Replacement

    Your Timing Belt keeps proper timing between the cran and the valve train. As the belt wears not only is this timing affected but eventually it will break, which then results in a very expensive repair depending on your type of engine.

  • Engine Performance and Diagnostics

    Engine are most fuel efficient and perm best when they are are proprly tuned up. This doesnt have to be a costly repair but is very import for avoing major repairs.

  • Brakes

    Your Safety is even more important than your cars health. Please contact us to provide a free inspection on your vehicles brakes to ensure they within factory specifications.

  • Cooling System Repair

    Your Coolant system and fluid prevents your engine from overheating. Over time both the fluid and cooling system components wear and become contaminated. Coolant flushes and regular inspections will ensure your vehicle will operate at the proper temperature and avoid leaks and overheating.

  • Starting, Charging & Batteries

    A properly charged battery and charging system assures youur vehicles electrcal sytems are working properly and not leaving you stranded due to a dead battery. Todays vehicles more than ever require proper operating voltage to keep computers and modules working properly.

  • Steering & Suspension

    Your Steering & Suspension system are involved in BOTH vehicle safety/handling and driving comfort. All these components take lots of abuse from driving and will most certainly wear, which causes reduced handling and even irregular tire wear.

  • Transmission Repairs

    Transmission problems can lead to some of the most costly repairs on your car. Servicing the trans filter and fluid are key to preventing Transmission failure.

  • CV Axle Replacement

    A common issue with CV axles is a clicking sound heard when going around corners in front wheel drive cars. Often times the CV boot has long since torn and leaked all the axle grease out leaving the joint exposed to elements causing damage. A simple inspection will catch any issues before they turn in unecessary repairs.

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